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VMware Virtualization Online Forum

My session is just about start, 3:00PM Pacific Time I will be discussing Next Generation Server Computing for The City of San Diego. I invite everyone to joi...

Hyper-V vs. VMware = Monday Debate

This morning when I came into work my twitter box was flooded and there was a lot of heat distributed across the virtualization blogging world.  This all sta...

ESXi Free Edition & The RCLI

Well a few days back there were a lot of posts in regards to the Free Edition of ESXi and how in U3 the RCLI is now writable.  This unfortunately was a bug, ...

ESX Reference Cards

A customer asked if I had a reference card with common ESX commands (RCLI, etc) so I sent him three cards, which I’m posting here now for you.

Free Holiday Gift from Veeam

Just like Scott Lowe and probably thousands of others, Veeam notified me that they are giving away another free tool on December 22nd: