Do You vRealize What’s in a vName?

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VMworld is upon us, a joyous time of year of new product announcements, new features, networking with friends, indulging in delicious cuisine and of course… product re-branding.

The biggest area of re-branding, VMware’s Cloud Management Product portfolio, previously known as the VMware vCloud Operations Management Suite. The new name for this product family, vRealize.

The rationale behind this change is to align better with the capabilities of their CMP. Realize means to bring into existence; accomplish; be fully aware. To “realize assets” is to monetize – tells a business story. It will convey awareness and accomplishment.

So, how does this look on paper?

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The other big name change announcement which I covered last Thursday was that VMware vCloud Hybrid Service will now be known as VMware vCloud Air. The term Air is a brand suffix which could attach to a family (vCloud) or existing product to denote “as-a-Service” delivery.

Another term which would be a brand suffix is OnDemand, this attaches to cloud services that are metered and delivered as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ consumption model. Examples of products that could include this would be VMware vCloud Air OnDemand and VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

Other vCloud Air service names would include vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud, vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud and vCloud Air Disaster Recover. Finally, VMware’s strategic network of service provider partners will also adopt the new brand of VMware vCloud Air Network.

A couple other cool names coming out of VMworld are the official product names for Project Marvin, which has been the hype of the summer. We now official see these as VMware EVO: Rail and VMware EVO: Rack.

OpenStack fans, take a look at VMware Integrated OpenStack, which I believe (as of this writing) would be how VMware integrates into OpenStack via Neutron (NSX) and Nova (ESXi) – as well as through vRealize Automation.

VMware View went through a naming change a while back when the entire portfolio suite became VMware Horizon. But look for brand suffixes to come to Horizon like VMware Horizon Air Desktop and VMware Horizon Air Apps which would both be Horizon offerings made available through vCloud Air. We may even see others like vRealize Operations Air and vRealize Automation Air coming as well.

All in all, I like the change to vCloud Air (from vCHS) as in my opinion offers much more opportunity than just being a Hybrid Service.  vRealize will take some time getting accustomed with, but the reasoning behind it makes sense.

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vCenter Operations Management Suite
  • vCenter Operations Manager
  • vCenter Configuration Manager
  • vCenter Infrastructure Navigator
  • vCenter Hyperic

vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon</td>

vRealize Operations
  • vRealize Operations Manager
  • vRealize Configuration Manager
  • vRealize Infrastructure Navigator
  • vRealize Hyperic

vRealize Operations for Horizon </td> </tr>

vCenter Operations Management Pack for XYZ vRealize Operations Management Pack for XYZ
vCloud Automation Center
  • vCloud Application Services

vCloud Automation Center Desktop
vCloud Automation Center Development Kit

vRealize Automation
  • vRealize Application Services

vRealize Automation Desktop
vRealize Automation Development Kit
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IT Business Management Suite vRealize Business
IT Benchmarking
IT Benchmarking Starter Kit
vRealize IT Benchmarking
vRealize IT Benchmarking Starter Kit
vCenter Log Insight
vCenter Log Insight Content Pack for XYZ
vRealize Log Insight
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for XYZ
vCenter Orchestrator vRealize Orchestrator