So Long vCloud Hybrid Service, Hello vCloud Air!

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In a stunning turn of events VMware has ditched the vCloud Hybrid Service name for a shorter, simpler, to the point name of vCloud Air.

vCloud Air will be everything that vCloud Hybrid Service was, it’ll just be less words to type. However, the term “Air” will also become a brand suffix for many other VMware product offerings.

The term Air is a brand suffix which could attach to a family (vCloud) or existing product to denote “as-a-Service” delivery.

Another term which would be a brand suffix is OnDemand, this attaches to cloud services that are metered and delivered as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ consumption model. Examples of products that could include this would be VMware vCloud Air OnDemand and VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

Other vCloud Air service names would include vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud, vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud and vCloud Air Disaster Recover.

We may even see other offerings denote Air, how does vCloud Automation Center Air or vCenter Operations Manager Air sound?

Finally, VMware’s strategic network of service provider partners, previously known as VMware Service Provider Partner (VSPP) will adopt the new brand of VMware vCloud Air Network.

So, it looks like the VMworld announcements are starting to roll in… what else do you think we’ll see over the coming week?