VMworld 2013 – Ask the Experts Panel Sessions

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Wow…another year, and another VMworld coming up.  I can’t believe how fast time goes by, and how fast things evolve in the tech industry. I know it’s cliche to say that this will be the most exciting VMworld, because I say that every year, but honestly every year brings something new and this year is going to be no different.

Lots of changes happening to VMware, specifically around the reorganization of people and products. It finally looks like VMware has a clear cut focus, Datacenter Virtualization (Cloud/SDDC) and End-User Computing. Pivotal was formed to take 100% of the Next-Gen Application space and other products (ie: Zimbra) were sold off. VMware can now focus 100% on what they’re good at. I think we have to thank Pat Gelsinger for the disruptive yet extremely good changes VMware has gone through the past year.

So, enough blabbing, why are we really here? Well, I’ll post a full informative VMworld post in the next few days or so which will detail out my schedule and what sessions I think  people should be checking out.  This post is to remind people of two great sessions that I’ll be running at VMworld.

Ask the Experts is a highly successful session that I’ve ran for the past 6 years and this year it’s only going to get better! I’ve broken it out into two separate sessions, one hosted by expert vBloggers and another hosted by VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX). Don’t let the titles fool you, these sessions aren’t about asking how to get into blogging, or how to obtain your VCDX (although, those are both valid questions). These sessions are for you, the audience, to ask any question your heart desires around any VMware focused topic. Why isn’t this working? How should I architect my vCloud landscape? What type of storage layout should I use for VDI?

With that said, the success of these sessions are strictly dependent on YOUR participation. So, please register for VSVC4569 – Ask the Expert vBloggers and VSVC4570 – Ask the Expert VCDX’s, attend the session and get vocal! Ask some questions!  If you’re a little shy, or perhaps not attending VMworld San Francisco you can also submit your question prior and if there is time we’ll get to it on stage live at VMworld! So please, if you do have a question feel free to submit a questionnaire with one of the links presented below. If you’re attending VMworld SF I hope to see you there, if you’re not extend a hello to me on Twitter! (@rick_vmwaretips)

To submit a question for VSVC4569 – Ask the Expert vBloggers, visit http://bit.ly/14EcEKS

To submit a question for VSVC4570 – Ask the Expert VCDX’s, visit http://bit.ly/15o9O5S