VMworld 2009 – Ask the Experts – Question Submission

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I’m proud to announce that the session is locked and speakers are confirmed (many of you already know).  Duncan Epping, Tom Howarth, Scott Lowe, Chad Sakac and myself will be running an Ask the Experts panel session at VMworld 2009 – and this is your chance to submit a question to be reviewed during the panel session!

Simply fill out the form below and your submission will be sent for review, around the beginning of August we will be notifing the submission owners if we will be using their submission or not.

So, here is your chance to have that hard hitting Virtualization question answered by the best in the world!

One question that came up was if we were still going to have an open floor portion, and the answer is YES! The majority of the session will be open floor, but we do want to have a handful of good questions to help spin off the session and also for those quiet moments.

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