Day One – Driving to VMware vSphere Launch

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Most of you should already know that I will be covering the VMware vSphere Launch at the VMware HQ on Tuesday, April 21st. We’ll my girlfriend Mandy and I are on our way up the coast to Palo Alto, CA. We left San Diego last night and arrived at our first stop, Ventura Beach, CA.  We’re all rested up and heading north to our second stop along our route, Monterey Bay, CA. We’re going to stop and meet one of the editors from the publishing company for coffee along the way, also stop and check out Hearst Castle.

I’m hoping to get an update to you tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest.  For those of you that don’t know, I’m giving away three TrainSignal VMware ESX training kits and the winner will be announced after the VMware vSphere Launch on Tuesday afternoon. I suggest you go REGISTER to win right now! It’s absolutely free!

Be sure to check out my Twitter updates, I’ll be sending them along the trip!