VCDX Design Exam – Complete

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I started the VCDX Design Exam at 2pm (GMT-8 04/02/09), and finished it right before 6pm. It took me the entire 4 hours to complete the exam, luckily I was able to complete all 134 questions within the allowed time. I’ve heard from some people that have taken it that they weren’t able to finish all the questions. I must admit though, when I noticed there was about 20 minutes left I rushed through the remaining questions and did not thoroughly think about my answers as well as I did previously.

From what I can tell you (which I cannot say much due to the release you agree to at the beginning of the exam), there are 134 questions and the majority of them are those lovely multiple choice ones. There is one Visio style design question were you need to build a sample environment based on the customers criteria, then there is a handful (5-10) questions were you do some word association style answers.  For example, they give you a listing of RAID levels and you need to choose the description that describes them best.

The overall process of taking the exam is not any different than any other exam, you sign-in with the Prometric center and get a photo and give a digital signature.  Then you remove all clothing and put your watch, cell and anything else you have in a locker…just kidding about the clothing :) — you’re then escorted into the test room and signed into a computer where you start the exam.  This exam does not have a questionnaire before you start, once you agree to the terms you’re dropped right in.

Because this was the BETA of the VCDX Design Exam, I was able to leave a comment for each question I was asked (writing a comment runs down your allowed time as well).  Then at the end of the exam you can review prior questions or choose to end the exam.  Once you end the exam you have another opportunity to leave a comment (un-timed). The completion sheet that they print out for you says you will receive a response in 4-6 weeks, it also says that the comments given will be taken into account for the final score.

One suggestion I do have for people taking the exam, truly the only thing that can help you with this exam is some real world experience. Learning more about the VI Methodology and some best practices wouldn’t hurt…also some good math skills as there are some questions that require some calculation (luckily a calculator is provided).

I do have a few comments about the questions, way too many questions that cover the same exact thing….maybe a couple numbers are different but the essence of the question is the same.  There was a question that I think I answered at least 10 times.   One last thing, way too much reading…. they’ll explain a scenario in one or two paragraphs, then ask the question—the scenario really has nothing to do with the question — this was frustrating since time became so limited near the end.

Anyways, all-in-all it was an excellent exam and I truly feel the entire process of the VCDX Certification helps keep the actual certification prestigious.  Bravo to the VMware Certification team for a great advanced level cert.