Working on a Book with Scott Lowe

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About a month ago, Scott Lowe announced that he will be writing a book focused on virtualization. It is with a great deal of enthusiasm, that I get to tell you that he has asked me to be the Technical Editor for this project. It is such an honor to be working with a talented virtualization evangelist like Scott.

My contracts with Wiley Publishing have been signed and I have already started editing. Lets just say that this is going to be a true masterpiece, Scott is doing a great job and just from working on this the past week I can already tell that a great deal of effort is going into this (from both Scott and Wiley Publishing).  I truly feel that the readers of this upcoming book will be impressed with its thoroughness and detail.

With that said, please do not be sad if you see the amount of posts dropping over the next few weeks.  Editing this book while still maintaining a full time job and a life has proven to be time consuming.  Rest assured, as soon as I find some free time I will be keep you all up to date with the latest VM news.