REAL Systems Engineers Don’t Need GUIs

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Today I needed a little amusement.  In an article posted on Tech Target, Beth Pariseau discusses the new upcoming NetApp System Manager (NSM). In a comment from Reinoud Reynders, IT manager for the University of Hospitals of Leuven in Belgiumin, he states:

“In general, a GUI is a sexy tool, that all vendors like to demonstrate but a “real/old fashioned” system engineer will use it not very often. For vendors, it’s very important that they have one (for pre-sales activities), but after that, the use is less important.”

Being a UNIX Administrator at heart, this made me chuckle.  But then I started thinking about ESXi and how you need the VIC (vSphere Client) to maintain and manage….I almost started crying, I’ll be forced to use a GUI to manage my own systems…but then I remembered, ESXi has a hidden console!  Whew!

Check out the award NetApp won at VMworld Europe.  This post also includes screen shots from the upcoming NetApp System Manager.