Another HealthCheck script for the Arsenal

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In the VTMN Communities, William Lam, created a new HealthCheck script that I will be definietely adding to my HealthCheck Arsenal.  More information on the script and its usage can be found in the VTMN Communities posting.

The script reports on the following:

  • vCenter Build/Release
  • ESX/ESXi Build/Release
  • Cluster(s) Name/Statistics (Hosts,CPU and MEM availabity, HA,DRS and DPM enabled)
  • ESX/ESXi Hardware configuration (NICs/HBAs)
  • ESX/ESXi State
  • ESX/ESXi Config (WIP)
  • ESX/ESXi Datastore summary
  • Virtual Machines summary
  • VM Storage summary
  • VM Network summary
  • VM w/Snapshots
  • VM w/RDMs
  • VM w/NPIV enabled
  • VM w/connected CD-ROMs
  • VM w/connected Floppys

For more details, please take a look at the sample report located at here. The requirements for this script are: vCenter 2.5, ESX(i) 3.5, VI-Perl Toolkit or VIMA.

Just like Duncan states, this script can be compared to the PowerShell HealthCheck scripts and the Service Console script.