VCDX Certification – Some Details Revealed

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Tina from VMware Certification contacted me today to schedule my VCDX Enterprise Administration Exam, boy was I excited.  I found out some interesting facts of the VCDX process and wanted to share them with you.

As you all know, the VCDX Certification is a three step process, first off your required to be a VCP in 3.x+ then you need to take the qualification questionnaire which is reviewed by the VMware Certification department. Upon approval they will contact you to schedule the first step;

Step 1

VCDX Enterprise Virtualization Exam

**Cost: $400

Scheduled with VMware Certification at a Pearson facility

Download Study Guide

75 Multiple Choice Questions

11 Lab Based Scenario Questions

86 Total Questions

** Tina wouldn’t go into detail on how the point system works, she simply said the structure is 100-500 points and you are required to get a minimum of 300 points to pass.  If you fail, you must wait 10 days before you can pay your $400 and take it again….10 days may not seem like a lot since you need to wait 7-10 days for your score results anyways.

**Step 2

VCDX Enterprise Design Exam

Cost: $400

Download Study Guide**

Scheduled with VMware Certification at a Pearson facility

** We didn’t get into too much detail on this step, Tina said upon your successful passing of the Virtualization Exam they would schedule you to take the Design Exam at the Pearson facility….for another $400 fee

**Step 3

VCDX Design Defense

Cost: Not Set

Final Scheduling and Details are not finished yet

** Tina didn’t have too much detail for this yet, it sounds like they do not know how this is going to work. Basically you’ll need to design and defend your design against a panel of experts — this may need to happen at their Palo Alto headquarters.

Well, wish me luck people.  I’m scheduled for Step 1 on Tuesday, February 3rd.  I could’ve taken it this Monday but I wanted to give myself a couple weeks to prepare.  To help me prepare I am using this study guide.