Happy New Year

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A very special Happy New Year to all of my readers, I know its been a little slow the past week but after the holidays things will pick up on the site. I hope you all get to spend New Years with those you love. 2008 has been pretty exciting in the world of virtualization and I.T. in general for that matter. 2009 will be phenomenal with endless possibilities and new exciting technologies.

Since the inception of VMwareTips.com the site has grown at a very rapid rate, I really do appreciate everyone that has made this site so popular! Starting just after VMworld 2008 this past September with only 59 unique visitors and now hitting about 6,000 in under four months!

Month Unique visitors Number of visits Hits
Sep 2008 59 322 4138
Oct 2008 1894 4470 99388
Nov 2008 5463 12110 286980
Dec 2008 5991 15594 320647

Thanks again for making the site what it is, I promise to continue providing up to date and indepth information in the world of Virtualization and beyond.

-Rick Scherer

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