Want to help shape the future of EMC?

A friend and fellow VCDX, Brad Maltz, is currently working in the EMC Office of the CTO as the Senior Director of Converged Infrastructure. As he works on laying out our strategics and product development efforts he would like to reach out to the masses, the real world, our customers and ask them… What do you have? What do you want?   So, our ask is simple… spend a couple of minutes answering a brief questionnaire and in result you not only will be helping shape the future of our endeavors but you may also win an awesome prize.

Here is the excerpt from Brad’s blog with the details and link:

So far I have been in this role at EMC for over 6 months and I am loving it. Being on the inside of EMC now has given me exposure to the crazy amounts of awesome, talented and “wicked smaht” people that work here. Of course with all of the cool things I am working on, there is always the need to continue to gather feedback/research from our customers and friends. This data that we need to collect helps us to drive our future products in the best possible direction for our customers to power their applications and workloads. The industry is going through many changes, and EMC is helping to drive these changes but we need your help.

I have developed a short survey to collect some basic information on your Data Center Technologies and Configurations. The survey is less than 10 minutes long, but the really cool thing is I will be giving away prizes to 3 randomly chosen people (Employees and Federation Members Excluded from Giveaways). That is of course if you want to give your contact information, which is not mandatory.

So if you have a few minutes, please fill out this survey and help to drive EMC products of the future.

The EMC CTO Office Data Center Survey

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Help steer what we do with EMC World

Things are in full swing for EMC World 2014.  The venue is paid for, sessions are selected and content being tweaked, and tons of other fun/exciting things are being worked on.  Now this is where you come in.

Chad Sakac recently blasted a post asking for your input on what we do with our Hands-On Lab experience at the conference.  Instead of re-writing what he’s already said, I’ll just include it here for your review.

There’s something really exciting we are doing for the first time this year and need your input to make it as valuable for YOU (EMCers, EMC Partners, Customers) as possible.

For the last three years, as any of you EMC World veterans will know, we have run very successful Hands-On Labs at the show.  As successful as the labs have been, we heard your feedback from last year. This year we are going to introduce Guided Labs as part of the overall Hands-On Labs experience.

So, what’s a guided vLab I hear you ask?  Well, you could look at it as being somewhere between your standard self-paced Hands-On lab and Instructor-Led Training.  Every attendee will get their own terminal with their very own lab but rather than just take the lab yourself without necessarily getting any context or having the ability to easily ask questions, there will be an instructor in the room providing that context, walking through the lab exercises with you and answering any questions you might have.  This is a really great opportunity for you to really get some time with the subject matter experts across our various products and solutions.

Of course the next question becomes: “how do we know what you would like to see as sessions in the guided labs?”

Here’s where we need your to help.  We’ve got a bunch of options already in the mix for these guided labs but need you to tell us which ones you want to see at the show.  Below is a link to a poll with 21 different labs we have come up with.  We would like you to take that poll and pick your top 5 preferences.  Based on your input, that’s what we will put in play at the show.  This survey is only going to be open for a week so get your mouse clicking and get voting!


(BTW – EMC World stuff is in full flight, including some off-the wall ideas)

Thanks for your input and I hope to see you in Las Vegas!

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Southern California EMC Forum 2012

EMC Forum 2012:

Transform: IT+Business+Yourself

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
8:00am to 5:00pm (PT)

Long Beach Convention Center
300 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, California

Register now

Join me and about 1,000 others for a full one-day event targeted to help you transform the way you see IT, business and yourself. I’ll be covering two topics that I’d love to see you listen in on, the first is Building an Efficient and Flexible Virtual Infrastructure and later in the day I’ll be covering VCE Vblock: The Simplest and Fastest Path to Your Cloud.

This is a great event with a number of awesome sponsors and a dozen or so great breakout sessions. If you’re in the Southern California area this is a great FREE event to help boost your knowledge (and your networking skills!).

Get ready for EMC Forum 2012: this one-day conference aims to transform the way you see the future of IT, business – and yourself.

Get maximum value out of the Long Beach Forum by choosing your own agenda from 20+ targeted sessions.

  • Learn why cloud computing and virtualization are key to mastering the new IT realities.
  • Find out how you can unlock the value in Big Data for your business.
  • Discover the knowledge, skills and support that will transform you to meet the challenges ahead.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the latest products and services direct from EMC specialists and our partners; network with the EMC Community and hear about our vision for the future.

The EMC Forum event is free to attend, but spaces are limited – so register now and prepare to be transformed!

For additional information or questions, please email EMC Forum.

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Phoenix Readers – Join Me for a Discussion on End User Computing

***Sadly, this event has been canceled. I hope it gets rescheduled soon!***

Transform Your End User Computing Environment

Empower End Users with EMC and VMware

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
10:00am – 2:30pm (MDT)

Octane Raceway
317 S. 48th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Register now

I’ll be in the Phoenix area the third week of September for a lunch and learn event all around End User Computing (VDI). Come join me for some good grub, an informative and educational discussion and then for some fun on the race track afterwards!

Technology is changing faster than ever for today’s mobile workforce. Can your end user computing environment provision new technologies rapidly and meet ever-escalating performance requirements? Are you able to give users access to key applications across all leading platforms and devices?

EMC and VMware solutions help transform end user computing with new efficiency and flexibility. All while providing simple management, centralized control, and maximum protection.

EMC and VMware joint solutions deliver end user freedom and IT control. Simplify desktop management with VMware View. Enable new efficiency and agility with EMC VNX unified storage and Avamar deduplication backup software and system. Plus, expertise from EMC Global Services helps you plan, deploy, manage, and protect your end user computing environment.

Our end-to-end solutions enable you to:

  • Raise Performance. Boot 1,000 desktops in 8 minutes, and speed backups by 10x
  • Raise Efficiency. Scale to thousands of users without disruption, and reduce backup storage by 10-30x
  • Choose a Proven Solution. Turn to EMC for powerful solutions validated for VMware

Join us for some indoor go-kart racing after lunch.

Register for the seminar today >>

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Accelerate Your Journey to Your Cloud with Application Modernization

Please join meon Thursday, August 16th at 8:00am PT as I talk about the Journey to full IT as a Service (ITaaS).Most people think that ITaaS stops at Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the reality of this is that simply providing a end-user portal for rapid provisioning really doesn’t help us solve the problems of legacy applications and frameworks.Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is not the end of the Journey to Your Cloud. Although IT Automation and Orchestration is critical to a successful ITaaS deployment, you need to modernize applications to make your business truly cloud ready. Application mobility is essential for business agility, simply virtualizing your J2EE stack or legacy applications isn’t enough. Join me to learn to modernize your applications for mobility and for the influx of Big Data.

Register Today!

Be sure to check out the other great EMC Webcasts we have going on in August! Great topics around End User Computing, Scale Out NAS and our VNXe product line!

It’s not often I do a webcast.
But when I do,
I make sure the content rocks!

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Big Regime Changes at EMC and VMware Coming

I typically do not post articles related to headline news stories, but this is one of the biggest announcements made by EMC and VMware since Diane Greene was booted from the VMware CEO position.

I’ll spare you some reading and hit the highlights;

EMC Q2 2012 financials were announced and they’re up 10% (~$5.31 Billion) from Q2 2011.

EMC today also announced a series of senior executive appointments to further position the company for its next phase of growth. The appointments highlight the depth and breadth of EMC’s executive management team and mark the next step in the implementation of the company’s long-standing executive succession plan.

“EMC and VMware have delivered strong results over the past decade and have developed world-class management teams,” said Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman and CEO.  “Today we are witnessing an extraordinary transformation in the IT industry unlike anything we have seen before – a major shift to Cloud Computing, Big Data applications and delivering IT-as-a-Service.  To capitalize on this tremendous opportunity we are positioning our executive talent so that we can benefit from their exceptional professional strengths with the goal of further advantaging EMC and VMware to deliver long-term value to our respective shareholders.”

Key among the executive appointments to drive future growth, EMC announced that:

  • David Goulden, Executive Vice President and CFO, has been appointed President and COO of EMC Corporation, reporting to Tucci.
  • Pat Gelsinger, EMC President and COO of Information Infrastructure Products, has been appointed CEO of VMware (VMW), effective September 1st, and will also join the VMware Board of Directors.
  • Paul Maritz, VMware’s present CEO, is joining EMC as Chief Strategist, reporting to Tucci, effective September 1st.  Maritz will remain on the VMware Board of Directors.

Tucci said, “With these changes, David will assume responsibility for EMC’s Information Infrastructure business, Pat will now lead Cloud Infrastructure at VMware, and Paul will look across our technology strategy with a particular focus on Big Data and the next generation of cloud-oriented applications that will be built on top of these foundations.”

More information and the full detailed article can be found here; http://finance.yahoo.com/news/emc-announces-preliminary-q2-financial-200500244.html

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Chad’s Choice Webcast on June 28th, 2012 – Don’t Miss!

To all of my EMC customers, fanboi’s or anyone just interested in hearing about some great new technology… Be sure to listen in to Chad’s Choice this Thursday at 8:00am PT.  This time he has some important information for those VNX and CLARiiON customers out there on VAAI and Multipathing, as well as a next generation preview.

So come hang out with the VirtualGeek and learn about some really cool stuff!

Register now by visiting http://bit.ly/NKEdXx

Thursday, June 28, 2012, 8:00 am PT / 11:00 am ET / 15:00 GMT

Join us to learn important EMC VNX and CLARiiON updates, including:

  • What’s the scoop on VAAI on vSphere 5 and CLARiiON – Why isn’t it shown as supported with vSphere 5, but is with vSphere 4.x?
  • Multipathing behaviors – How does it work today, and how will it work tomorrow?
  • Upcoming VNX software release has material changes – What are they and how do they work?

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Life Events Cause Priorities to Change

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been lacking in the content department for VMwareTips.com and for that, I apologize. Most of my readers and friends in the industry know that when I joined EMC I’ve had some fundamental issues with content due to my new job. Frankly it was way easier to talk as a customer and end-user with tips, tricks and issues that I found when using the products on a daily basis. As an employee I’m doing a lot more evangelizing than hands-on, and the time I do spend in the lab is doing very specific projects with lab equipment..which means I either cannot discuss what’s happening or there just isn’t enough data to talk about. I did find a little niche where I was creating instructional videos on specific topics, my readers seem to like this and I really enjoy putting them together.

So why haven’t I put something together in the past couple months?  Well, some of you may know this but to the others that do not, I’ll be getting married on May 19th! This has been in the works for quite some time now, but for those of you that are married you know the last months/weeks are when the bride and groom are running around with their heads cut off doing those last minute things.

With that I thank you all for continuing to be avid readers, followers and more importantly friends in the industry. As soon as the wedding fiasco is over and we return from our tropical honeymoon I’ll be right back in the office thinking of content for the blog and awesome new things to talk about. There are some amazing new things with VMware View and vFabric that I’d love to write posts about!

On another note, we have some big events coming up including EMC World and VMworld. I unfortunately will not be at EMC World but I highly recommend you attend, we’ll be showing off some mind blowing technologies (like some of the stuff Chad showed on the latest Chad’s World episode).  For VMworld I’ll be submitting four (4) different sessions, including the always popular Ask the Expert vBloggers, hopefully it will be picked up for US as well as EMEA (first time submitting for Europe!).  The Ask the Experts session is by far one of the most popular sessions at VMworld, you’ll be able to ask your questions to four of the top virtualization experts, Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, Scott Lowe and Chad Sakac, with me moderating the madness! That’s right, four VCDXs on a single stage..it’s a great time!

That’s about it for me, I’ll most likely be off the radar until my return the week of June 11th, which actually is the week of Cisco Live 2012 in San Diego,  I’ll be speaking at a couple sessions there and if you’re planning on attending I’d love to meet at the EMC booth to chat about what you’re doing with VMware, Cisco and EMC technologies.

Look for some random tweets, perhaps some wedding photos and random chat via my Twitter page. Cheers!

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EMC Webcasts in June

Wow, this year is flying by and before you know it VMworld will be here! Until then, and all of the great things EMC has planned to show you, you should definitely check out these upcoming webcasts, including Chad’s Choice which is guaranteed to be jam-packed with great things all focused on virtualization.

Click here to register now!

Performance and Provisioning for Virtualized Oracle
Thursday, June 9, 2011 – 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 16:00 BST
Hear from EMC and VMware Solutions Architects on how to leverage server and storage virtualization to greatly improve Oracle performance as well as accelerate and simplify provisioning of new Oracle environments.
Hosts: Sam Lucido, Solutions Architect, EMC and Vas Mitra, Solutions Architect, VMware

Accelerate Your Journey to a Virtualized Data Center
Thursday, June 16, 2011 – 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 16:00 BST
Learn how EMC’s Ionix Unified Infrastructure Management, a leading cloud infrastructure management solution for Vblock, can help you deliver IT services 5 times faster and 80% more efficiently with full compliance across your virtualized infrastructure.
Host: Tom Hayes, Senior Manager, Ionix Marketing, EMC

Automate Virtual Machine Recovery in VNX-based Vblock Environments
Thursday, June 23, 2011 – 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 16:00 BST
Discover how EMC RecoverPoint, integrated with VNX in Vblock configurations, delivers comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery for virtual data center deployments.
Host: Rick Walsworth, Director, Product Marketing, EMC

Chad’s Choice – Virtually Any Virtualization Topic!
Thursday, June 30, 2011 – 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 16:00 BST
Find out the latest virtualization topics from Chad Sakac, VP VMware Technology Alliance, EMC. Get key updates on new technologies, hear honest answers to your most demanding questions, and see intriguing technical demos.
Host: Chad Sakac, VP VMware Technology Alliance, EMC

Click here to register now!

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EMC Webcasts in May

Tomorrow starts another great series of VMware Focused webcasts from EMC. This month we cover everything from Virtualizing Oracle to Simplified Management, these weekly webcasts should not be missed. Be sure to register for them today!

Next week we’ll be hosting EMC World live from Las Vegas, if you’re not attending live be sure to check out all of the great content we’ll be releasing online. Some have described the announcements we’ll be releasing as face melting and mind blowing. Don’t miss out!

Register Now for these great EMC Webcasts!

To Virtualize or not to Virtualize Oracle; Converting Skeptics to Supporters
Thursday, May 5, 2011 – 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 15:00 GMT
Hosts: David Welch, CTO, House of Brick Technologies and Jason Kotsaftis, Director, Strategic Alliances, EMC
Building a business case to virtualize Oracle? Hear from David Welch, CTO, House of Brick Technologies, on how to successfully architect and deploy Oracle databases on the EMC and VMware platform.

Cloud Meets Big Data at EMC World 2011
May 9-12, 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada
We have freed up this week’s webcast schedule, so you can focus on EMC World. From advanced technical training to meet ups with some of the industry’s most influential thought leaders, EMC World is where it’s happening.

The Value of VMware Integration
Thursday, May 19, 2011 – 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 15:00 GMT
Host: Dave Henry, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, EMC/VMware Affinity Team, EMC
Learn about the benefits of tight VMware integration, and find out how EMC’s 70+ points of integration with VMware enhance the performance, scalability, security, and ease-of-management of virtual environments.

Simplify Management for Virtualized Applications with EMC Unisphere
Thursday, May 26, 2011 – 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 15:00 GMT
Hosts: Bob Abraham, Product Manager, EMC and Bruce Wolfeld, Principle Product Manager, Virtualization Solutions, EMC
EMC Unisphere redefines simplicity. See how the integration between Unisphere and VMware vCenter provides administrators easier access to data and reports. Learn more about EMC Unisphere’s fresh approach to managing storage.

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