VMware Support Alert – ALERT: vSphere Web Client 5.0 fails to load

In our effort to provide our viewers with up to the minute information on VMware related news and topics, we’re posting the following Special Alert direct from VMware Support Insider.

VMware has become aware of an issue with the vSphere Web Client 5.0 failing to load with the error:

RSL Error # of 29
 Error 2046

Note: The RSL Error (# out of 29) number may fail at different values.
Note: This issue only impacts only the usability of the vSphere Web Client 5.0

  • This error occurs regardless of the browser or version used.
  • This is independent of the Adobe Flash version installed.
  • Setting the system clock on an effected system back may allow the vSphere Web Client to work outside of the vCenter Server for a short amount of time.

For further diagnostic and mitigation information refer to KB article: The vSphere Web Client 5.0 fails to load and displays the error: Error # of 29 2046 with RSL (2116567). Any updates to this information will be made in the KB article itself.

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