VMware KB Digest – New KB articles published for week ending 4/26/14

In our effort to provide our viewers with up to the minute information on VMware related news and topics, we’re posting the following list of new KB Entries for this week, direct from VMware Support.

VMware ESXi
Adding disks with errors to a disk group (2075379)
Date Published: 4/22/2014
VMware ESXi 5.5 installation fails with a purple diagnostic screen and error: Heap FastSlabHeap already at its maximum size. Cannot expand. (2076553)
Date Published: 4/21/2014
Utilizing Rapid7’s Nexpose Vulnerability Manager with VMware NSX platform for scanning virtualized assets (2077179)
Date Published: 4/24/2014

VMware Fusion
VMware Fusion update in response to CVE-­2014-­0160 Heartbleed vulnerability (2076803)
Date Published: 4/25/2014

VMware vCenter Orchestrator
VMware vCenter Orchestrator 5.1.0 workflows marked as failed (2076530)
Date Published: 4/22/2014
The vCenter Orchestrator workflow you run might fail if you have execution rights on the workflow, but do not have execution rights on a specific action called by this workflow (2077210)
Date Published: 4/25/2014

VMware vCenter Server
SSD not available to add as backing for VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache (2065563)
Date Published: 4/24/2014
vMotion using the vSphere Web Client fails with error: Permission to perform this operation was denied (2075240)
Date Published: 4/22/2014
Deleting orphaned database jobs (2059714)
Date Published: 4/23/2014
VMware vCenter Server alarm Datastore Usage on Disk fails to respond after threshold exceeded (2076157)
Date Published: 4/24/2014

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager recovery plan fails to complete (2072798)
Date Published: 4/22/2014

VMware vCloud API
Including the metadata field in records returned by the vCloud Director QueryService API and filtering records based on the metadata field (2077217)
Date Published: 4/25/2014

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service
VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Plugin cannot connect to vCHS virtual private cloud (2075666)
Date Published: 4/25/2014

VMware vSphere Web Client
Unable to mount ISO image to a virtual machine using vSphere Web Client on Mac OS X (2076792)
Date Published: 4/24/2014
Unable to use mouse cursor within a virtual machine console through the vSphere Web Client on Mac OS X (2076794)
Date Published: 4/24/2014

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