VMware KB Digest – New KB articles published for week ending 1/4/14

In our effort to provide our viewers with up to the minute information on VMware related news and topics, we’re posting the following list of new KB Entries for this week, direct from VMware Support.

Socialcast On Premise
Email sent to Socialcast is classified as Bulk or Auto-Generated and is discarded (2065162)
Date Published: 1/3/2014

VMware ESX
Starting virtual machine from command line on vmdk file/files fails with error: Bad address (2019003)
Date Published: 1/2/2014

VMware ESXi
Enabling the pre-login SSH banner in ESXi 5.x (2068379)
Date Published: 1/3/2014

VMware Service Manager
Individual officers in VMware Service Manager do not receive an email when a call, request, or task is forwarded to the group to which they belong (2068478)
Date Published: 1/1/2014
Officers in VMware Service Manager cannot action calls forwarded to their group when the call is in a different partition (2067682)
Date Published: 1/3/2014

VMware vCenter Orchestrator API
Best practices for using the vCloud Orchestrator configuration element (2068519)
Date Published: 12/31/2013

VMware vCenter Server
Logging into the vSphere Web Client as a user that is a member of an unreachable domain fails with the error: Client is not authenticated to VMware Inventory Service (2068530)
Date Published: 1/1/2014

VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat
Removing protected services from VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat 6.4/6.5/6.6 (2040525)
Date Published: 1/2/2014

VMware vCloud API
Cannot delete a vApp after invoking the vCloud powerOff API (2068521)
Date Published: 12/31/2013

VMware vCloud Automation Center
VMware vCloud Automation Center Designer fails to open with the error: CloudUtil.exe has stopped working (2068346)
Date Published: 1/2/2014
Provisioning a machine in VMware vCloud Automation Center fails with the error: Error has been caught, see event logs located on the vCAC server for detail (2068624)
Date Published: 1/2/2014

VMware Virtual Disk Development
Backing up disks of size 2 TB or larger fail silently and report success when using HotAdd transport (2068424)
Date Published: 1/1/2014

VMware vSphere PowerCLI
VMware vSphere Power CLI Get-ProviderVDC cmdlet displays null result for the storage properties of vCloud Director 5.1 (2068522)
Date Published: 12/30/2013

VMware vSphere Web Client
VMware vSphere Web Client prompts to update VMware Tools even when the latest version is installed (2067642)
Date Published: 1/3/2014

VMware vSphere Web Services SDK
Retrieving the ClusterPowerOnVmResult object using vSphere APIs (2068520)
Date Published: 12/31/2013

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