VMware Presales/Solutions Architect in San Diego, CA

Job Title: VMware Presales/Solutions Architect
Location: San Diego, CA


I. VTSP 5 (VMware Technical Sales Professional) Foundation, plus as many of
the following specializations:

– VTSP5 IV (Infrastructure Virtualization)

– VTSP5 BC (Business Continuity)

– VTSP5 MGMT (Management)

– VTSP5 VBCA (Virtualization of Business Critical

– VTSP5 Cloud (Cloud IaaS)

– VTSP5 DV (Desktop Virtualization)

II. VCP 5 (VMware Certified Professional)

– VCP5-Cloud

– VCP5-DV (Datacenter Virtualization)

III. VCAP 5 (VMware Advanced Certified Professional) -this cert is a “plus”,
but not necessarily required

– VCAP5-CID (VMware Advanced Professional -Cloud
Infrastructure Design)

– VCAP5-DCA (Datacenter Administration)

– VCAP5-DCD (Datacenter Design)


1. vCenter Operations Manager

a. Sizing, Deploying and configuring all versions standard to

b. Upgrade both appliance versions and installation based versions of
vCenter Operations

c. Configuring vSphere UI, alerts, policies, groups, etc.

d. Configure vCenter Operations multi-tier applications and implement
best practices for using tags.

e. Configure and Design super metrics, attribute packages, KPI’s, with
in the Custom UI.

f. Configure/Determine when to use static and dynamic thresholds, or
combined static/dynamic thresholds, and define alert filters within the
Custom UI.

g. Design and implement custom dashboards with in the Custom UI using
all dashboard elements, such as top n, etc.

h. Configure all adapters that are available for vCenter Operations,
such as Netapp, SCOM, View, sql, Hyperic, relationship, vcloud, vin, vcm,

i. Configure ldap/permissions and showcase how to share custom
dashboards or design custom dashboards.

j. Configure multi-node vCenter Operations deployments

k. Using Metric Data distribution to fine tune attribute packages,
static alerts, determine color thresholds for custom dashboards, or confirm
efficiency metrics are accurate for right sizing virtual machine resources.

l. Minor API experience

m. Minor experience with vCenter Operations Manager snmp alerts
triggering VCO workflows.

n. Minor experience developing adapters using SQL/REST.

2. vCenter Configuration Manager

a. Sizing, Deploying and configuring Configuration Manager

b. Installing and updating compliance packs

c. Configure agent deployment for VCM

d. Configuring VCM to monitor vSphere Environments

e. Configuration of compliance, patching, provisioning, and asset
management with in VCM

f. Showcasing how to use VCM to enforce compliance.

g. No Service Desk Integration Experience

3. vCenter Chargeback

a. Sizing, Deploying and configuring Chargeback.

b. Design and implement accurate cost models/hierarchies.

c. Managing reporting and users for Chargeback

d. Minor API experience

4. Vcenter Infrastructure navigator

a. Configuring VIN version 1.x to 2.x

b. Integrating VIN with vSphere 5.0 and 5.1 and vCenter Operations

5. vFabric Hyperic

a. Sizing, Deploying, and configuring hyperic, (both appliance and
installable versions)

b. Deployment of hyperic agents to linux and windows endpoints

c. Integrating hyperic with vCenter Operations 5.x, attribute
packages, custom dashboards.

d. Configuring hyperic to monitor snmp devices.

e. Deploying additional plugins into hyperic and endpoints

f. Designing application level dashboards within vCenter Operations,
such as a dashboard for Microsoft exchange level metrics.

g. Configuring Hyperic to trigger corrective actions, such as
restarting windows services upon service failure.

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