VMware Support Alert – ALERT: Upgrading to View Agent 5.1.2 can result in performance issues

In our effort to provide our viewers with up to the minute information on VMware related news and topics, we’re posting the following Special Alert direct from VMware Support Insider.

VMware Support Alert

VMware has become aware of an issue that may occur when using a View 5.1.2 Agent on a physical machine, the View Connection Broker will repeatedly attempt to configure the agent which can cause a significant performance impact particularly in large scale environments. If you do not use VMware View to access Physical Machine based desktops, no workaround is required.

Symptoms may include:

  • In environments with multiple physical machines, significant slowdowns occur and you may see stability issues.
  • When attempting to use the View 5.1.2 Agent on a physical machine, the system slows down.

For further updates and more information on this alert, refer to KB article:
Performance issue when using View 5.1.2 Agent on Physical Machine based desktops (2041977).

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