Storage Engineer in Memphis, TN

Role: Storage Solutions Engineer
Location: Memphis, TN

Duration: 6 months.

The Storage Solutions Engineer is responsible for representing and working
the customer during procurement, implementation, and design of complex
system architectures involving storage, and Unix-centric OS, foundation
tools, and applications (SAP). The Engineer will specialize in the
integration of storage devices (EMC, 3PAR, Brocade switching) at the
physical, virtual, and functional levels to include enterprise dedicated and
cloud architectures. He/she will demonstrate technology leadership with the
project team.

This position will leverage their existing knowledge and research to ensure
design and configuration according to best practices with consideration of
the constraints of existing environment, infrastructure systems, and support
models. Work with network, monitoring, BRS, security, operations and other
teams to ensure integration of product components and ensure a supportable
service. Work with hardware/software vendors to identify and rectify faults
and obstacles as well as to incorporate features during implementation.
Successful candidate must be a self-starter who can manage his/her own
project work and drive results from dependencies.

The engineer must work with the client to assist in identifying and
assessing customer requirements, and provide inputs to identify and scope
solutions within given constraints. He/she will provide consulting services
for the client, and directly interact with the project team during the
implementation of services.

The engineer will propose test plans for the new implementation and system
administration processes, document new procedures associated with the
introduction of new product or a customer environment with custom, complex
components, ensuring smooth turnovers to operations. He/she will assist in
creating Standard Operating Procedures for new services and
creating\reviewing maintenance plans for complex scheduled maintenance

Required Skills:

10+ years of SAN and NAS devices with fiber switching. Extensive experience
with storage solutions supporting an SAP implementation desired.

Must have EMC, 3PAR, and Brocade fiber fabric switching experience with
SAN/NAS devices. Specifically 3par.

Must be understand provisioning of storage on a new, unconfigured device, as
well as knowledge of engineering and implementing Unix solutions using
backend storage devices.

Must have experience with capacity management, storage device monitoring,
switch/fabric zoning, replication, snapshots and BRS technologies.

This position requires experience with Unix technologies in a production IP
environment, including Solaris, Linux (esp RedHat), ESX, Volume Manager,
Storage Foundation, Cluster Manager, Apache.

Must be proficient with Unix tools and utilities such as Kerberos, ssh,
Perl, DNS (BIND), etc.


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