EMC Celerra Plug-in for VMware v1.1 – View Integration

Just a little teaser of what we’re working on here at EMC. This is the next version of the EMC Celerra Plug-in for VMware which is v1.1 and offers great new VMware View integration. Below in the video you will see that it has a new wizard based interface for common tasks, as well as the ability to place clones (Full and Fast) of Virtual Machines into a VMware View pool which then can be entitled to users for access.

What does this mean?  Well, with Fast Clones you are now offloading the great ability to do Linked Clones back to the storage array. You can ultimately have hundreds of copies of a single virtual machine which only using minimal disk space, and now with the plug-in have those automatically provisioned into VMware View.

Fast, Easy and Efficient…just how we like it!

Download the high-rez versions here: WMV and MOV

Created on June 8, 2010 by Rick Scherer

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