VCDX Defense Scheduled!

For those of you that know, I recently heard that I passed the VCDX Design Exam, within the e-mail it details steps required to schedule your defense and how to submit the application for defense.  Well, I figured I should schedule it to ensure I can lock a spot the week of VMworld.

I was a little concerned that they wouldn’t schedule the defense until the application was approved. To my surprise, they locked in Sept 4th for my defense and it will be pending an approved application. So, I have until August 14th to submit my application and have it approved to ensure I still have my date.  If for whatever reason my application isn’t in, or it is denied – I lose my spot.

So, wish me luck again!  I’m going to start on my application probably this weekend.  It will probably take me a few hours, if not a couple days as there is a LOT of data required.

Created on August 1, 2009 by Rick Scherer

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  1. Rick Schlander
    10:31 am on August 1st, 2009


    Great news – congrats on passing the design exam! Must be due to the fact that people will be in SanFran for them to schedule the defense pending an approved application for it.

    Hope the application is approved and good luck on it. Hopefully its not too late in the day if you’ve got a plane to catch at the last day of vmworld.

    Rick Schlander

  2. Rick Scherer
    10:34 pm on August 3rd, 2009

    Yeah, they had this planned (the defenses) for awhile. I will need to move my flight from late Thursday evening to Friday evening though, and it will be an additional night in a hotel. But, it is worth the cause!

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