EMC Documentum not supported in VMware

How could this be?!  EMC, owner of VMware does not support its own product to run virtualized?  You got it daddy-o!

We are currently working on an upgrade of Documentum and we need a new home for the full-text index search module of Documentum, we asked EMC support if we can virtualize this piece, they told us no.  Reference support note 43361 and line #5 clearly states If Index Server is running on VMware, this is not supported.

I really hope someone at VMware or EMC  can collaborate on this and get it resolved.  I know that EMC recently purchased Documentum, but a top priority would be to make sure all of their products work together in harmony.

Another sad day in the vSphere for me. (no pun intended)

Created on December 19, 2008 by Rick Scherer

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  1. Glenn Dekhayser
    6:30 am on January 26th, 2009

    In my experience, most full-text indexing software companies *Strongly* recommend against virtualizing the indexing/search component. Usually these components are very CPU, memory, and I/O intensive, making them very poor candidates. Commvault and Symantec Enterprise Vault are two other examples that do not recommmend or support it. It’s not that they won’t work, in face for a dev/sandbox instance you can do it if you’re going to keep the dataset small. But for production, it’s not practical, you’ll end up devoting an entire host to it.

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