Changing VLAN of a Port Group

In the event you need to change the VLAN of any of your Port Groups here is some good instruction on doing just that. Remember, VLANs are configured at the Port Group level and not the vSwitch level. This allows you to trunk as many VLANs you need to your vSwitch’s then create dedicated Port Groups for each of those Virtual LANs.

First lets look at our existing configuration;

[root@dpcrcvmesx1 root]# esxcfg-vswitch -l

Switch Name Num Ports Used Ports Configured Ports MTU Uplinks
vSwitch0 128 51 128 1500 vmnic2,vmnic0,vmnic9,vmnic8,vmnic7,vmnic5

PortGroup Name VLAN ID Used Ports Uplinks
Network1 902 22 vmnic9,vmnic8,vmnic7,vmnic5,vmnic2,vmnic0
Network0 1 20 vmnic5,vmnic7,vmnic8,vmnic9,vmnic0,vmnic2
Service Console 6 1 vmnic0,vmnic2,vmnic5,vmnic7,vmnic8,vmnic9

Switch Name Num Ports Used Ports Configured Ports MTU Uplinks
vSwitch1 64 19 64 1500 vmnic6,vmnic4,vmnic3,vmnic1

PortGroup Name VLAN ID Used Ports Uplinks
VMkernel1 930 1 vmnic6,vmnic4,vmnic3,vmnic1
Storage0 900 11 vmnic1,vmnic3,vmnic4,vmnic6
VMkernel 900 1 vmnic6,vmnic4,vmnic3,vmnic1

I’ve highlighted the Service Console PortGroup because I would like to change the VLAN it uses. This is extremely dangerous to do when remote consoled into the machine (SSH, etc), I’d highly suggest using a local connection or iLO. I wrote these instructions in addition to the instructions of changing the Service Console IP address because we recently had to do so.

Ok, so now we are going to change the VLAN;

[root@dpcrcvmesx1 root]# esxcfg-vswitch -p Service\ Console -v 902 vSwitch0

  • -p represents the PortGroup
  • -v represents the NEW VLAN ID
  • at the end of all esxcfg-vswitch commands you enter the vSwitch your changing

Thats it. Now my Service Console PortGroup is now in VLAN 902, next I will use my instructions for changing the Service Console IP address.

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